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 Newsletter – December 2018

A Newsletter From Your Local Independent Grain Elevator and Crop Inputs Supplier

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What a battle this harvest season has been – a great start had expectations of an early finish.  However, Mother Nature just reminded us that she is in charge!  Then throw in struggles to get beans harvested and vomitoxin issues in corn… challenging times!  The good part is that most yields of soybeans and corn have been fantastic! 

One thing we also want to mention is how we appreciate your loyal business.  There are some big changes happening in the crop input industry.  We are proud to be a small, independent, family-run business and enjoy being able to work with you as we continue to invest a lot in improving our people and services to help your farming operation be successful.
Grain Markets
Wheat markets have given some good opportunities since harvest to make some nice sales of 2018, 2019 and even some 2020 sales!
Soybeans are another story … trade wars, good US yields and ideal South American conditions have resulted in some less than great prices at harvest.  When it comes to US/China trade war, that’s a totally unknown risk … difficult to make plans but if a deal does get done- there should be a nice bump in prices.
Corn price has been steady … obviously those with vomitoxin issues are struggling with big discounts and/or trouble finding buyers.  
Watch for a bit of a post-harvest bounce up into December but worldwide grain stocks are adequate but not burdensome. Don’t hold too much back in expectation of hitting a home run with prices. The old saying of “if the Bears have Thanksgiving, the Bulls will have Christmas” … well the Bears have had Thanksgiving in the US as weaker prices occurred … will have to see if the Bulls get Christmas! 

Fertilizer News
Nitrogen market has definitely been stronger the past couple of months but the risk of moving much higher is uncertain.  Large demand in the US due to low inventory carryovers and potential of more US corn being planted will keep some upward pressure on prices into the New Year.  MAP and Potash prices have been stronger as well.  Look to prepay at least a portion of your spring needs if cash flow is available.  Odds are that prices will be higher by spring time.
FCC Financing –Remember, we do offer 3rd party financing to help you through tight cash flow situations.  You can prepay inputs now for 2019 and you don’t have to pay FCC until Feb 2020!!
Call us to get more information … this is a great tool to have in your back pocket as there is no cost to get a line of credit to be used only if you need it.
Winter Wheat: Wheat is a base 0 crop, meaning that it will continue to grow at soil temperatures above 0?C. It requires 80 GDD (Growing Degree Days) to germinate and 50 GDD for every inch of planting for emergence. Planting depth, soil moisture, soil temperature and crop residue will all have an impact on how quickly the wheat pops out of the ground. Using Encirca, here at the elevator we have accumulated 115 GDD since the beginning of October to Mid-November. Snow cover will also help to provide the wheat with some insulation for continued growth but that late Oct planted wheat still needs some encouragement to emerge.  Next spring will be an important time to assess stands and early nitrogen will be important to help that crop get up and going.
Corn:  Vomitoxin has been a large topic of conversation over the last couple months.  The term “DON” is used to describe toxin and is measure in ppm.  There is a great article by Pioneer Agronomist Greg Stopps called “Growing with Greg- Vomitoxin Edition” that goes into more detail about Gibb and DON. This can be found on Greg’s twitter page or we can forward you a copy if you would like to read it.  For next year, choose a hybrid with a good Gibberella Ear Rot score. Pioneer has this characteristic rating listed in their product guide, with a higher number having a lower risk for Gibb and Ear Rot – but as was found out this year, Gibb scores do not necessarily correlate to DON levels.   A fungicide can also be used at tassel timing to reduce Gibb pressure however you must use a fungicide that is labelled for Ear Rots like Proline or Caramba. Other fungicides work great at tassel timing for plant health, but the concentration of the group 3 fungicide is key for reduction in DON levels. Livestock producers growing feed for their own animals should really take a good look at doing this to give the best chance of producing higher quality feed.  And producers selling grain need to consider the extra yield and quality potential as well.
Time to start planning for the 2019 season. Again, you can be proud to plant Pioneer seed.  We are excited about the potential Pioneer has in both their corn and soybean line up. P09A53x is a great full season soybean, high yielding with Xtend technology. Pair this with P09A62x for a solid plan in the 2750 HU area. In the 2650 HU zone, the P06A13R and P04A60R have done very well. With corn, some of the ‘older’ hybrids like P9188AM and P9526AMXT have been performing nicely…. And just provide that stability in yield that is key to success. With good stable varieties as a core of your seed program, give you the opportunity to push some other varieties … we are seeing some strong yields from the new hybrids like P9330AM and P9608AM. On the later end P9998AM is a solid corn with great drought tolerance. Make sure to talk to your local Pioneer Sales Rep to go over your seed order and get the right product on the right acre!
Early Order payments are due by Dec. 7 for 15% Cash discounts. Or use the deferred pay program and receive an 11% discount with payment not due until Dec 1, 2019 at Prime minus 1%. Also talk to your Pioneer Sales Rep about free Encirca Imagery for the 2019 season!
We think we consistently outperform the competition and have the knowledge and support to help you grow great crops. Let us know if you want to position some new varieties in test plots or if you have some other agronomy trials you want to do …. We are here to help!


Crop Planning
Right rate, right time, right source, right place.
4R nutrient management is a framework for nutrient application that can be tailored to each specific farming operation. Winter is a great time to work out a plan for next year’s growing season using the 4R strategy.
One thing for corn to consider is split-applying nitrogen.  Whether there is a manure or not, managing nitrogen requirements for the crop is something to ask us about.
Reminder of nutrient removals … we are finding a number of fields with low potash levels—even where manure is being applied.  Here is a brief summary of potash removals for corn:
A 180 bu corn crop removes about 55 lbs actual potassium; that means you need put on about 92 lbs of potash (it is 60% potassium).  If you remove the stalks ie silage or baling … that jumps to about 210 lbs/acre of potassium (or 350 lbs of potash) … enough manure and/or fertilizer is key to managing nutrient levels.
Important to fertilize for crop removal at a minimum, otherwise the nutrients are just being mined from the soil.  We have some tools to show you your potential nutrient removals vs how much is being put back onto the field … really helps to plan ahead for the next couple of years.

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From all of us here at Rosendale Farms and Waterloo Crop Services, we sincerely thank you for your loyal business.  Agriculture is a people business and we are fortunate to be able to work amongst this fine community of people.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Thank you for your business!
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